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New to Fightzone?

Fightzone Malmö welcomes anybody who wishes to train in our selected disciplines to come visit us right away. The Fightzone team consists of people from all backgrounds and nationalities; from beginners to World Champions.

Free workout

Come join us for a training session free of charge, in order for you to feel the academy’s environment and its classes. It is important for us to make you feel as comfortable as possible and thus we allow one free training session of BJJ, Boxing, Thai/Kickboxing and No-Gi.

First time visit

It is important that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the training session starts, when you are attending for the first time. This is due to registration, asking any questions that you may have and allowing enough time to change your clothes in the changing room.


It is very important that you wear freshly washed clothes when attending a training session. We advise bringing Flip-Flops to keep the academy clean. Also note that keeping your fingernails and toenails short and clean is a must. Gloves and headguards are available for new members or for those who wish try out various disciplines to see what form of training fits their personality. However, it is expected that you buy your own equipment after a respectful amount of time.