Kul i Malmö

Come and try brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission wrestling, boxing and thai/kickboxing this summer. The focus is on "fun" and we promise tough exercises that are sure to make you want to keep going. Our instructors are experienced with all target groups and love to train and have fun. Welcome to an active summer vacation!

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Autumn term 2022 starts 2022 08 22

Blue light discount 50% !!!

Those of you who work for the police, fire brigade or ambulance get a 50% discount on training cards with us. Just remember that you need to show proof that you work in these professions.


Membership dues are 200 SEK/calendar year.
All prices are in swedish kronor (SEK).

Payments are made in cash, with Swish (123-157 74 10) or to our (Plusgiro) bank-account (530665-9)

We are connected to Actiway, ask at the reception if you want to take advantage of fitness there through them.

If you are have interests in dividing your payment for a yearly card? Please drop by and speak to our receptionist!

NOTE: If you have a year card you can freeze the card once during the year period, this does not apply to a half year card, you can not freeze these.

One workout: 100 SEK
Stamp card (10 workouts): 850 SEK

For members who have boxing or Thai cards and want to train the fitness sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it is possible to pay SEK 500 as a supplement to their training card.

Supplement for training other disciplines in youth groups is SEK 999 / year. The price applies to our members.

Pay here
Adult (18+) 1 year 6 months 1 month
BJJ and Combo * 5300 3399 650
Boxing 4300 2599 650
Thai/Kickboxing 4300 2599 650
Submission wrestling 4300 2599 650


Youths (18-) 1 year 6 months 1 month
BJJ and Combo * 4300 2599 650
Boxing 3699 2199 650
Thai/Kickboxing 3699 2199 650
Submission wrestling 3699 2199 650
Kids 1 semester
BJJ (5-10 year) 1599
Ungdomsträning (10-14 year) 2099