NOTE! Admission to the BJJ group of beginners (5-7 years) is now closed.


We wish all our members good luck.

Due to the current situation that all prices have gone up, we have, unfortunately, also had to raise our prices a bit, so please check the price list.

Membership fee of 200:- is payable immediately, thank you.

Membership dues are 200 SEK/calendar year.
All prices are in swedish kronor (SEK).

Payments are made in cash, with Swish (123-157 74 10) or to our (Plusgiro) bank-account (530665-9)

We are connected to Actiway, ask at the reception if you want to take advantage of fitness there through them.

If you are have interests in dividing your payment for a yearly card? Please drop by and speak to our receptionist!

NOTE: If you have a year card you can freeze the card once during the year period, this does not apply to a half year card, you can not freeze these.

One workout: 100 SEK
Stamp card (10 workouts): 850 SEK

For members who have boxing or Thai cards and want to train the fitness sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it is possible to pay SEK 500 as a supplement to their training card.

Supplement for training other disciplines in youth groups is SEK 999 / year. The price applies to our members.

Pay here
Adults (18+) 1 year 6 months 1 month
BJJ and Combo * 5300 3399 650
Boxing 4399 2599 650
Thai/Kickboxing 4399 2599 650
Strength & Conditioning 3800 2099  
Submission wrestling 4399 2599 650
Youths (18-) 1 year 6 months 1 month
BJJ and Combo * 4300 2599 650
Boxing 3699 2199 650
Thai/Kickboxing 3699 2199 650
Submission wrestling 3699 2199 650
Kids 1 semester
BJJ (5-10 year) 1599
Ungdomsträning (10-14 year) 2099