Hej alla föräldrar!

Nu är det äntligen dags för barnens gradering, som kommer bestå av utdelning av streck och bälten. 

Datum & tid:

Datum: Söndag 2023-12-17


Grupp 1 (Nybörjare): kl 10:00 - 11:00

Grupp 2 (Fortsättning): kl 11.30- 12.30

Grupp 3 (Ungdom):kl 13.00-14.00

Pris: 300kr

I priset ingår bälte/streck samt diplom. 

Ni kan även anmäla er på plats i receptionen. Anmälan stänger torsdag den 2023-12-14. Det är viktigt att alla anmäler sig i tid!

Betalning sker via SWISH 123-157 74 10, märk betalningen med barnets namn och personnummer.

Det går även bra att betala i receptionen. 

Hoppas vi ses!

Mvh Fightzone Malmö


Blue light discount 50% !!!

Those of you who work for the police, fire brigade or ambulance get a 50% discount on training cards with us. Just remember that you need to show proof that you work in these professions.


Membership dues are 200 SEK/calendar year.
All prices are in swedish kronor (SEK).

Payments are made in cash, with Swish (123-157 74 10) or to our (Plusgiro) bank-account (530665-9)

We are connected to Epassi, ask at the reception if you want to take advantage of fitness there through them.

If you are have interests in dividing your payment for a yearly card? Please drop by and speak to our receptionist!

NOTE: If you have a year card you can freeze the card once during the year period, this does not apply to a half year card, you can not freeze these.

One workout: 100 SEK
Stamp card (10 workouts): 850 SEK

For members who have boxing or Thai cards and want to train the fitness sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it is possible to pay SEK 500 as a supplement to their training card.

Supplement for training other disciplines in youth groups is SEK 999 / year. The price applies to our members.

Pay here
Adult (18+) 1 year 6 months 1 month
BJJ and Combo * 5799 3699 699
Boxing 4749 2849 699
Thai/Kickboxing 4749 2849 699
Klippkort (10 gånger ) 850    
Fyspass  850 (10 gånger)   699


Youths (18-) 1 year 6 months 1 month
BJJ and Combo * 4749 2849 699
Boxing 4149 2449 699
Thai/Kickboxing 4149 2449 699
Klippkort (10 gånger ) 850    
Fyspass 850 (10 gånger)   699
Kids 1 semester
BJJ (5-10 year) 2099
Ungdomsträning (10-14 year) 2099
Extra pass BJJ (mån, ons)  500