According to the authorities' directives, we have strict rules that only 50 people may stay at our premises at the same time. This means that EVERYONE has to register at the reception so that we can keep track of the number of people. When the quota is full, we close the inlet. This is initially until the workouts are full, then we add more workouts so that everyone gets a chance to participate in the workouts. Shower can be done at home for a while, until we come up with new directives. If you have the slightest symptoms of illness then you must stay home. It is extra important to maintain good hygiene to reduce infection.

Membership dues are 100 SEK/calendar year.
All prices are in swedish kronor (SEK).

Payments are made in cash, with Swish (123-157 74 10) or to our (Plusgiro) bank-account (530665-9)

If you are have interests in dividing your payment for a yearly card? Please drop by and speak to our receptionist!

NOTE: If you have a year card you can freeze the card once during the year period, this does not apply to a half year card, you can not freeze these.

One workout: 100 SEK
Stamp card (10 workouts): 850 SEK

Pay here
Adults (18+) 1 year 6 months 1 month
BJJ and Combo * 5100 3299 600
Boxing 4199 2499 600
Thai/Kickboxing 4199 2499 600
Submission wrestling Combo *
Youths (18-) 1 year 6 months 1 month
BJJ and Combo * 4100 2499 600
Boxing 3499 2099 600
Thai/Kickboxing 3499 2099 600
Submission wrestling Combo *
Kids 1 semester
BJJ (5-12 year) 1249
Boxing (8-13 year) 999